Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome Fans

Hello to everyone who may eventually stumble upon my blog one day. Thank you for taking the time to read my rantings. I hope to entertain. I have been inspired by reading several other blogs in the past several months and thought I may share the antics of my day to day life. I enjoy reading about other people's daily lives, why not share about mine? My husband says that is because I am nosy. Maybe so, I'm not ashamed of it. So this is for all the other nosy folks out there in the bloggy world.

I want to take a moment to explain the title of my Blog, "Don't Give Him Crackers." I was married in December 2004 and soon after my marriage my husband discovered that I talk in my sleep. I can carry on complete conversations, sit up in the bed and open my eyes and then have no knowledge of the conversation the next morning. Amazing I know. It freaks my husband's great. ;-) Well, one night I made the statement, "Don't Give Him Crackers." Why did I say such a thing? Who knows...but it has made for a good story over the last couple years and I am sure it will continue to do so. So when I was trying to decide on a great creative name for my blog I turned to the loving husband for inspiration. He said why not "Don't Give Him Crackers." I thought it was fabulous...creative, original, and just enough to make people scratch their heads and say, "What?" So there it is...the truth behind the blog title.

I have a tendency to analyze everything very thoroughly (I think it's my best quality...ha). So I have had 2 years to analyze this middle of the night proclamation and I think my dream had a premonition. A few weeks after my statement I discovered I was pregnant with my son. Maybe I was making a statement that I will one day make in the conscious world...why I would not want the little man to have crackers I do not know, but don't all dreams and deep sleep proclamations have meanings?

Well, I hope all my fans out there enjoyed this 1st bloggy post. Thanks for visiting and caring enough to read to this point. Please be patient with me, I am still learning.

(P.S. Why the heck does blogger not allow exclamation points? This is really going to put a damper in my blogging *exclamation point*)

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Rocks In My Dryer said...

Welcome to the blog world! And, no exclamation points? That's weird--I don't remember that from my Blogger days.

Glad to be your first comment!