Friday, January 5, 2007

1st Haircut

Last night Hoss Cat had his first haircut. Isn't this picture just adorable of him trying to swat the barber's hands away? Remarkably he did wonderfully (once the barber gave him a sucker to distract him). We went to the barber shop my husband had his first haircut (not to mention every haircut there after...he's quite a creature of habit). There is just something sentimental and warm in my heart to know that 30 years ago my husband sat in the same barber shop and had his first curls cut. I just love tradition, even if we are the first to start it and possibly the last to honor it. I don't anticipate Hoss will bring his son to the same barber shop, but wouldn't it be a great family tradition if he did? However, the odds are telling me that when Hoss Cat has a son to take to the barber shop, it is likely this lovely business would be long gone. In hopes that it is not, we will ensure there is plenty of business from our family!

( Oh and by the way... I conquered the exclamation points -- really I think I misunderstood the error message -- AND aren't you proud I figured out how to post a picture on my first day of blogging?)

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