Monday, January 22, 2007

The table

When I married my husband 2+ years ago I knew that he would be moving his "things" in to our (previously my) 2 bedroom apartment, but what I did not know what how attached he was to his "things," or at least this one in particular:

Yes it is just a coffee table and I did not previously own one so it was good to have such a piece of furniture in our living room. I was glad he brought it along, but I did not realize that it would be a requirement for our living room for the rest of my life. We have moved the coffee table around the living room after our son began to walk because it became a dangerous item when he was falling. It has many different homes within our's. We used the coffee table to "block" the Christmas tree from toddler hands, which was very effective! We placed it in front of the entertainment center to keep toddler hands from opening each compartment and emtpying out all the videos, cds, etc. We placed it in front of the fire place this time to keep toddler feet from climbing in. We placed it in the corner of the room, just because there was no where else. All of these uses were acceptable, perfect uses for such a piece of furniture until one day a few weeks ago.

When the Christmas tree came down and we had other ways to prevent the toddler hands or feet from entering the danger zones I moved the coffee table to the dining area, against the wall, behind the high chair. Now we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment so this is very visable from the living room and is literally 3 feet from the couch. I thought it was a perfect home, out of the way from a child's falling head yet with easy access for those important times when a coffee table is necessary (you know the times, when the kitchen table is covered with "stuff" and you need to eat somewhere else). Well, that did not meet the husband's approval.

I guess now is an opportune time to give you all the history of this coffee table. The table was purchased by my in-laws with one of their first living room pieces in the mid-70's. As you may be able to see the table has had better times. My husband spent many a day as a boy carving in the table with his scout's knife. He used it as a tent structure, a fort, and a place to lay under to watch tv. The table has nearly always been present in my husband's life. Several years in the family's den and then in his bedroom when new furniture was purchased. I think it may have even gone to college with him. But I just did not realize that it was such a significant piece of furniture.

So fast forward several years and I move the table out of the "living room" (which is not separated from the dining or kitchen areas by any doors) and it becomes a small crisis. I did not put it in the dumpster (though the thought has crossed my mind) or in the fire place (novel idea), but simply placed it out of the living room. I was blamed for not having respect for his belongings (I thought when we were married they became "our" belongings -- this was not a good argument). Despite the disagreement, the safety of our son and the lack of any other place for the table have left the table in the dining area behind the high chair waiting for it's next purpose!

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