Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hoss had a little "accident" last night. I was trying to get him to sleep so I had him in the bed with me (it was already past 10p.m. and I was frustrated). He was rolling around the entire bed, sliding down between the foot board and the mattress having a good time. I thought he was finally settling down when I heard the loudest smack ever. I looked and he had wacked his forehead on the foot board. He has a decent knot on the right side of his forehead that emerged within 30 seconds of the smack. It has a nice bruise too. I immediately pulled out the baby medical book and it said if he did not loose consciousness and was alert he should be fine. I woke him up a couple times during the night to be sure he was okay and his eyes dilate okay so I am assuming he is fine. It's his first significant injury. Poor kid! I am tempted to take a picture to document this momentous occassion, but this is probably just the first of many injuries this curious boy will recieve! Oh wait, I just remembered he fell down the steps at Thanksgiving. Well, he didn't get hurt that time. Just scared me to death! Oh my nerves are shot!

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