Thursday, January 11, 2007

Church, Guns, Drugs, Police

A memory was transplanted to the front of my brain today that I thought would be of great interest to the rest of the blog world!

A few months ago my husband, son and I were going to church on a lovely Sunday morning. As we neared the small country church we attend we noticed a woman standing on the side of the road crying with a police office speaking to her. As we pulled into the parking lot at the church we noticed everyone was running into the church building...odd, they must really want to get to Sunday School. I thought, geez, I know we are a little late, but I don't think running is necessary. Then I realized that people were waving for us to hurry into the building. I realized they were telling us to get inside...why you may ask? Apparently there had been a domestic dispute at the trailer park across the street from the church and the crying woman was a victim of that dispute. The accussed disputer was apparently waving a gun from the front porch of his trailer at police officers. So I yell to the husband (mine, not the disputer) to grab the baby from the back seat while I high tail it into the church building. I had to plow over the 25 people standing in the door of the church trying to see what is going on across the street. It was too bad we were late for church or else I would have been one of the 25 people standing in the door (remember my best quality...nosiness!).

A while later it was determined by the nosy folk that the disputer was so upset and waving the gun at police because he had a trailer full of drugs. By the way....Sunday School attendance has been through the roof...all the folk are coming to see what may be happening early on Sunday morning!

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