Monday, July 27, 2009

Perty by Thirty -- Week 29

Tonight I tried on some clothes a co-worker gave me. I have had the clothes sitting on the floor of my bedroom for two months. I have tried them on three times, but they never fit. Until tonight. I was able to get all but two pairs on and zipped/buttoned. They are tight and are not comfortable yet, but give me 10 more pounds and they should be perfect.

I decided to try these pants on tonight because I had a great and a bit unexpected weight loss this week. In one week, I lost 6.4 pounds! I really tried to stay right at my points values this week. Actually, one day I even had 6 points left over, which is not recommended, but it was 10p.m. when I realized it and I just didn't want to eat something, so I didn't.

My loss this week brings me up to 71.8 pounds lost since January 5th. My goal I have set for myself is to lose 100 pounds by Christmas and meet my goal of 163.8 pounds lost by July 9, 2010 (my 30th birthday. I think I can really do this! Actually, I know I can!


Janelle said...

I don't want to say that I can't believe your weight loss progress, but you know when there are weight loss programs it'll show someone who lost 45 pounds and then the disclaimer at the bottom says "Results not typical". I believe you-it's just not typical! And I'm so excited for you that you're not typical! Keep it up-you will SO meet your goals.

Natalie said...

That is awesome! Kepp it up you are doing great!

Mari said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations! Trying on clothes is an even better indicator than the scales.