Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Perty by Thirty week 33

Wow! Has it really been 33 weeks since I started this journey? I guess it really has been. It still amazes me that I've stuck with it this long. And I am going to keep sticking with it until I reach my goal. What a day that will be!

This week I lost 1.4 pounds bringing my total to 77.8. Not too shabby considering I ate everything I could get my hands on all day Friday. I even ate at IHOP! Seriously, that could have been enough to doom me for good. But then I went to the State Fair on Saturday and even though I really, really wanted a corn dog and a funnel cake I skipped them. If I hadn't rode a Ferris Wheel I may not have remembered I was even at a fair. I did eat some fried potatoes and real! chocolate! ice cream! that I was supposed to share with the kiddo, but, well, I ate about 9/10ths of it. I couldn't let it go to waste and after the headrush the child acquired after bite number 5, he turned his interest back to the popcorn.

I have been considering my motivation to keep going lately and I talked more about that over here yesterday. And, I have found my most recent motivation, contests! I have learned that if I have a short term goal, I am most successful. Once again, I stumbled upon a weight loss contest and I'd love for any of you who are interested to join. It is BlogapaLOSEa. You can check out the info here.

Beginning next Monday I will be posting weekly about my progress in the BlogapaLOSEa contest. I will even be posting a weekly picture of my progress! Yikes! I am setting my goal at 22.2 pounds. That will put me at 100 pounds lost by Thanksgiving! I would really like to lose more than that in this time frame and it may happen, but I need a reasonable, reachable goal, so hitting the 100 pounds total lost by Thanksgiving will be it!

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