Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Perty By Thirty -- Week 28

Well, I posted over here yesterday that I was loving me some Farm Town on Facebook. Let's just say the love didn't last too long. I went home yesterday and my computer has a virus, that I researched and learned is from Farm Town. That really has nothing to do with Perty by Thirty, except I wasn't able to post last night and let you all know that I lost 1.6 pounds last week!

If you only knew what a miracle this was! I was completely shocked because I weighed myself at home on Friday and it wasn't looking good. But I tried hard through the weekend. Hoss and I went for a walk to the park a mile and a half from our house. That is one way. We walked for 3 total miles. Well, I walked for 3 miles and Hoss rode in the wagon. My arms are still hurting from pulling a 48 pound child three miles.

So, I guess the walking and my Wii Fit addiction may have ultimately helped my cause. I am hoping to double that number next week. I have slacked off the past few weeks and I can't keep taking 4 weeks to lose 5 pounds. I won't make my goal doing that, so I'm off to walk some more. See ya next week!

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Janelle said...

Pulling those big kids will do the trick! I've got a couple of my own that wear me out!

You're still doing great-keep it up.