Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the potty saga continues...

We are having some success and some failures in the potty training department here at our house.

If Hoss has an accident he will remove his pants and underwear and come and tell us he pee pee'd or poopy'd. For some reason he is not interested in using the potty each time and definitely does not wish to use the potty for poopy.

It's tramatic here. Screaming and crying happens if we even consider suggesting he sit on the potty to poopy.

Bribing isn't working.

Discussing being a big boy isn't working.

Cleaning up his messes isn't working. He actually enjoys this process.

I'm pretty much just letting him make messes. And we clean them up each time. Each time we discuss the same thing, where to go pee pee and poopy. Each time Hoss says, "da potty." He definitely understands the process, he just doesn't want to follow it.

I purchased a game Hoss has shown interest in, Brown Bear and Polar Bear. He knows we have this game and he knows that when he poops in the potty he will get his game.

He is giving me his undivided attention when I talk about this, so I am hoping this will be effective.

Hoss specifically has his accidents in his bedroom. We moved his potty chair to his bedroom since he will sit on the big potty most of the time with our help. Then he threw a fit when he couldn't sit on the "wittle potty" downstairs, so the potty moved back.

As soon as I'm done with this post I'm taking it back upstairs. Maybe he will eventually start using it appropriately.


Jessica said...

I'm sorry that y'all are struggling with this. We went through a bout w/ Madison and it was frustrating all of us, so my sister gave me some advice that helped with one of her boys when she was potty training. He would NOT poopy in the potty, so she stopped pestering him and put a diaper back on him. She waited a month (during which she did not say one thing about potty training) and switched back to pull-ups. Occasionally, she would ask but not act like it was a big deal. Then, one day out of the blue, he said he was ready to poopy and never had an accident after that. I tried the same thing with Madison when she was pt'ing and it worked with us, as well.

There is something about the whole power struggle, and not acting like it bothers you to change the diaper, that lets them think they've won.

There is my unsolicited advice. Keep us posted on how it goes. We are in the middle of pt'ing Claire these days and it sure is frustrating!

Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

We had a little keyboard that was our "pooping prize" that my son picked out all on his own at the store & he KNEW what he had to do to get it. It sat on a shelf in our kitchen where he could see it EVERY day & we talked about it EVERY sat there for 6 months.

Your potty saga sounds so much like mine & I sympathize. Just know that it WILL happen. It has to be on his terms. To hear that as a mother, as the one that guides his every day...that kinda sucks! But, that's how it ultimately had to happen for my little boy & for so many other mothers that I've talked to. Hang in there! You're doing your best & that's all you can do!

I should add that my 2yo has now decided that he shall PT now, too...the problem is that he won't potty for MOMMY. He'll only do it when Daddy is home (which is about 2 hours of the day that M sees him). It is becoming quite lovely.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

hi jessica !! I got the gift card . thanks so much. I was going to leave a thanks on the bluegrass mom blog but they were having issues this morning with thier posting feature :(

Janelle said...

Ahh! I feel ya! It's hard to know that they won't go to kindergarten still wearing a diaper, but he won't, I promise!

One other thing we did (with our afraid to go poo on the toilet boy) is that he got skittles/m&m's for sitting and trying to push one time. Then he could get down, he didn't have to go, we just called it practice. I think it helped him to not be afraid to sit up there and to push. Some kids don't like that their feet aren't on the floor so we had a stool he could put his feet on. It kind of grounded him so he could push. That might help too?!?

Hang in there!

Guinevere Meadow said...

I would suggest getting a 2nd "wittle potty" for him!One to keep downstairs and one to keep upstairs.

Natalie said...

It will get better! I agree though that you might want to get another potty for his room.