Thursday, February 12, 2009


Potty training is going well here, but we have hit an obstacle that we can't quite figure out how to overcome.

Hoss is going pee pee in the potty pretty regularly without problems. He still doesn't always tell us he needs to go, but if we catch him at the right time we don't have any accidents.

However, we can't quite get the pooping in the potty under wraps. Actually it has never happened.

Today Hoss actually took his pants off and then pooped on his bed.

Obviously he knows what to do and doesn't want to poop in his underwear, but he just won't go in the potty.

I'm considering bribing him with tickets to Disney on Ice if he does poopy in the potty.

What suggestions do you have?


Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

I found your blog through Temporary Insanity & hope you don't mind me popping in! My (now 3 1/2 year old) was peeing in the potty at 26 months without ANY problems whatsoever. It took him over a YEAR to figure out the pooping thing. I read & read & read & read & asked & asked & asked all the questions in the universe & it just came down to, "he'll do it when he wants to." Seriously. I bribbed, I pleaded, I ignored, I cheerleaded, EVERYTHING. Then one day, he went running to the potty himself, came out & declared that he had indeed pooped on the potty. I didn't believe him, but he did! It was a LONG road (and we're still having setbacks occassionally b/c it has only been the last month and a half) but I guess my point is that it will happen. I know how frustrating it is! Hang in there & keep on trying!

Fratzels said...

Do you have a clear plastic jar? Fill it with things he loves, like Matchbox Cars or trains. Show it to him. Let him carry it to the bathroom. Tell him he can have one of the items for each time he goes poop on the toilet.

For us we hada much hard time getting Timmy to pee on the toilet.

Janelle said...

Some really struggle with this. Our third did, but he had constipation issues so it hurt him. When he would have an accident I would have him help me to dump the poo into the toilet so he'd know that's where it really is supposed to go and then he'd have to help me clean up if there was a mess. Not to make him feel bad, but it was a "Well this sure is a lot of work to clean up. Maybe next time you can poo in the toilet and then we can have extra play time instead of cleaning time."

Guinevere Meadow said...

If you figure anything out, let me know! We're just beginning the potty training journey over here!