Monday, February 23, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week Seven

Wow! I'm seven weeks into this journey. And boy, this week brightened my spirits!

As you may recall last week I lost only .6 pound. I can't deny that I was disappointed. I mean, I had not lost below 2 pounds in a week yet. I couldn't believe .6 was all it was.

I didn't think I did great this week either so when I saw the scale today I was THRILLED!

I lost another, 3.6 pounds!!

Hallelujah! It really may be a miracle.

If you are a fellow Weight Watcher (really this can apply to anyone), I have one big tip -- plan ahead. There were a few meals I knew I was going to be eating out this past week. I looked up the menu online and checked out their menu. Then I checked out my new favorite website (seriously, check it out, nearly any restaurant you can dream of with their food in Weight Watchers points).

I was able to plan to eat a salad and soup at Red Robin. Trust me, it was difficult. Very difficult. But I did it. Mostly to the encouragement of my co-worker and fellow Weight Watcher (who has lost 44+ pounds!).

I can't guarantee such great weight loss each week, but I hope I can atleast stay around the 2 pounds mark.

My total weight loss since January 5th is 23.2 pounds! And as we discussed tonight at my WW meeting, that would be 92 sticks of butter (4 sticks = a pound).

I hope to post mroe this week and not to only update on Monday nights with my weight loss. I just need to find the time to sit down and write all the posts in my brain.


Jessie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've never thought of it in butter - that's better than imagining pounds of ground beef all over my body. I like thinking in terms of butter better :)

Janelle said...

You are doing amazing! You go girl!

Are you exercising too, or just watching what you put into your body?

Natalie said...

YAY! I love how you compared it to sticks of butter. I need to lose sveral sticks myself! But when i went to the Dr last week I had lost a pound since last time! I was amazed since I have been stress eating quite a bit.

Sara (Hostage Negotiation) said...

YAY! God for you! I love the butter referance. I use it a lot when I talk to other people about their weight loss. :)

Guinevere Meadow said...

That's great!! Congratulations!

I love the butter reference! lol!