Monday, August 18, 2008

The Nischans

I have asked for your prayers for Nick Nischan, a 13 year old with cancer, before. However, today I am asking for prayers for his mother, Tammy, and his entire family.

Nick's cancer has been spreading. He recently found out that not only does he have an inoperable brain tumor, but he has cancer in his spine, hips and upper legs. He recently fractured his hip related to the cancer and is currently required to use a wheelchair.

Nick has suffered for the past two years, has had several surgeries, and continues to suffer. His family has joined forces with another family in a similar situation for a Jericho Walk this week. Basically, you will pick a time and walk, praying for Nick and Natalie. For more information check this and this out, from his mom, Tammy's blog.

Hoss and I walked today around our neighborhood. While Hoss did not understand the purpose for the walk was to pray for Nick, we added him to our prayers tonight at bedtime.

In addition to praying for Nick, please pray for Tammy. She had an emergency appendectomy this morning. She is currently in the hospital and I know she is worried about Nick at home. Below is part of an email, Tim, her husband sent out today,

"I know that Tammy believes that her pain may be an attempt of Satan to interfere with 'the JERICHO MILE' prayer walks that start today. I can't even begin to guess whether this is such a direct act or simply bad timing. But I DO know that anything that Satan is happy when ANYTHING discourages us or takes us away from intentional time with God. BEGIN TODAY taking a time to 'walk a lap' and INTENTIONALLY PRAY to God asking Him to act in powerful ways. We are thankful for every mention of Nicholas and Natalie, but while Nick and Natalie may be the specific inspiration that started this particular JERICHO MILE week of prayer, the AMAZING STRENGTH AND GOODNESS OF GOD is available for every single battle that any of us face! Anything that reminds us to INTENTIONALLY SPECIFICALLY PRAY ASKING GOD to work in our lives and the lives of those around us is capable of UNLIMITED results!"

Please pray. If you feel called, please participate in the Jericho Walk this week. Remind God he can perform miracles and Nick and Natalie need a miracle.

Nick returns to the hospital Tuesday morning for more tests and treatment plans. Please be in prayer for him and his family then as they will be making huge decisions regarding Nick's future care.

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