Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm serious, y'all

So I've noticed recently that anytime I publish a serious post, like this one or this one I receive no comments. I've concluded it is either because I'm normally not so serious or that when I am serious I'm a bit over the top about it and I freak people out.

I wonder which it is. Let's discuss each one.

Am I normally not serious? Now, my husband would great disagree with this. He thinks I need to loosen up a bit and to be honest, I probably do. If you are one of my high school friends reading this you are probably about to die from laughter because serious was very rare with me. However, adulthood has drug me down. When bills are pouring into my mailbox and the money is not pouring into my checking account suddenly serious is something I am. Serious about getting a handle on things. And sometimes I get a litte over the top about being serious. My dad has always said that I am a fanatic. A fanatic about anything. If I get serious about liking something or find an important cause I let everyone know. No one will ever wonder where I stand as long as it is something I am serious about.

So, am I not normally real serious on my blog? I know some of my stuff is just fru fru (is that how you spell it?) look at my cute kid stuff. But he's just so darn cute I just can't stand not sharing him with you all. I mean, I can hardly wait until Halloween to show you his awesome costume.

Or is it that I get a little out of control about my seriousness. Like I said before, I'm a bit of a fanatic. If I'm serious about something it sometimes takes over my life. I get pumped up about it. I start telling everyone about it. 75 percent of my conversations revolve around it. Maybe I get a little out of control.

I guess I don't need an answer. But I do need you to pray for Nick and his family. Please, please pray for him. He needs all your prayers. God can perform miracles, please pray that he will for Nick.


Janelle said...

Sometimes it's harder to make a comment on a serious post, like about Nick. And sometimes you're passionate about something that I'm not so when you post about it, it doesn't light the fire for me, if you know what I mean. And while I always read, I don't always comment-I'm rotten like that!

Jessie said...

ditto to the comment about me :) I love ya, so maybe I'll comment more often on everything
*guilty swallow*
I am glad that you are passionate about things - but I am glad that you are light hearted and post vanilla ice songs too :) You're perfect!

Carrie Hewitt said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog almost daily and would agree that Hoss is "adorable" too! I also got connected to Nick's page and Tammy's blog through you and constantly keep them in my prayers. I think serious posts are harder to comment on.....but don't let that make you think people weren't taking you seriously. There are a lot of prayers out there for that family. Can't wait to see this adorable halloweeen costume!

Rebecca said...

i have to ditto the above comments... i have a hard time putting into words what is in my heart when i read serious posts... i dont want to write a novel... but dont want to offend anyone if the comment comes off cheesy... it is tough for me :-(

but know that i love you- and am always lifting you and your requests up in prayer

miss you

Qtpies7 said...

I guess I just don't know what to say to those posts. Sometimes I am moved by that kind of post, and other times I am not. So I don't want to post that I am going to pray if I am not likely to remember it, or to say "Hey, not interested in this one."
Even when I am moved to pray about it, well, sometimes there are just no words. You know?