Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm getting on my soapbox and I'm not apologizing for it

Maybe you've seen it on otherbloggers' sites. Maybe I'm the first to bring this to your attention. Either way I am asking, no, BEGGING you, please do not see the movie that comes out in theaters this week, "Tropic Thunder."

As an advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities I find the reports of this movie's blantant disregard for humans outright horrifying.
As those who are nationally speaking out (please read this link) against this movie and the degrading name calling that is held within it, I find it appalling how words which are horribly offensive to some are common place for others.

We are discriminating against people when we use certain words to describe others' skin color, religious preference, and nationality; however, our society finds it acceptable to use words to discriminate against people with intellectual disabilities. I'm not condoning the use of any discriminating talk, I am standing up against the hatred which is spewing from mouths of children.

I am guilty of using this word, but only as an ignorant teenager. Since those times I have been educated and have learned just how hurtful this word is. I cringe when I hear 12 year old kids in front of me in the line at Wal-Mart say, "That's so retarded" while their parents roll their eyes and sigh.

I'm not rolling my eyes or sighing. I'm taking a stand and I hope you will too. Do not see this movie. Encourage others not to see it. And please, don't let discriminating language come from your mouths.

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