Monday, June 2, 2008

We made it through 3 innings!

Saturday evening we ventured to the local minor league baseball team's game (we finally made it!). A co-worker gave me his season tickets for this game as he and his family were not able to attend so we had great seats!

This was Hoss' perspective for the game. He took the picture.

We only made it through 3 innings. Donnie was feeling sick all day on Saturday, but I didn't realize how sick he was until we got to the game (he may not have realized it until then either). Hoss was also getting pretty restless and it was nearing bedtime so we decided to head home.

Hoss enjoyed watching the other kids around us more than the game, but he was relatively good considering he is 2! He always clapped when everyone else did, so he was somewhat attentive to the game or, at least to the clapping.

We had fun even though we left early. The team was leading when we left and they played well while we were there. I think we may try to make it to another game this season when everyone is feeling better.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

What a CUTIE in his little baseball cap!

I'm glad you had a nice time for 3 innings. :0) Hope Donnie feels better soon!