Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It was a sad day

Well, the life expectancy of a goldfish "won" at a carnival is 3 days at our house.

Monday evening, as I laid coughing/suffering on the couch I watched "SURPRISE" slowly die a long, painful death. Ok, I don't know if his death was painful and I'm not sure the exact length, but I did watch the fish slowly rise to the top, rest for a few minutes and just when I thought it was finally over it would swim around the small bowl for a few seconds and then begin the floating process again.

After repeating this at least 3 times, SURPRISE finally left this world.

At least he wasn't alone. I sat in the same room and watched the sad process. If I was not suffering with a fever and the WORST COUGH EVER, then I may have comforted SURPRISE a little more. But I didn't and now SURPRISE has been flushed down the toilet with no ceremony.

Hoss has not even noticed that SURPRISE is gone, at least not that I am aware of. Explaining the death of a goldfish to a 2 year old is not something I'm looking forward to. I'll blame it on the red water!


Jessie said...

I think it was the red water too...that was wierd.

Ang said...

So do ya want your cough to go away? Will you do an experiment in the name of science and your sanity?? Try covering the bottom of your feet w/ Vicks Vaporub, then put on socks before bed.Oh pretty please?? I've been dying to see if this works......

Seriously hope that you're feeling better soon!! Being sick stinks!!!

Fratzels said...

Little Man's 5 fish went belly-up and he didn't even notice until I suggested we get new fish.