Friday, June 6, 2008

The benefits of taking a lunch break

Yesterday I came home on my lunch break to check on my ill husband (he had an official diagnosis of bronchitis now). As I pulled up to my house I noticed that my neighbor had a Krispy Kreme truck parked in front of their house. I was immediately envious. My first thought was, I didn't know Krispy Kreme delivers to houses, but I sure wish they did.

As I was walking up to my front door my neighbor yelled over to me and said, "Hey! You want some doughnuts." Not being one to pass up any type of free sugary dessert I said, "Sure." He proceeded to climb into the truck and I walked over to grab a couple doughnuts.

I was surprised when he came out of the truck with a huge tray full of different types of packaged doughnuts. He said, "Is this enough?"

Um, yeah. I may be overweight, but 12 packages of doughnuts is definitely enough!

So I walked into my house with a huge tray of doughnuts and the hubby immediately was healed!

Ok, not really, but the sight of all the free doughnuts brightened his day. He immediately enjoyed some doughnut holes while I separated some doughnuts to take to work and to my in-laws.

I had no idea my neighbor worked for Krispy Kreme. I really do need to talk to people more.

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Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, now I'm hungry.

I think I have some leftover brownies from the other night! lol!