Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm still a winner in my heart

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT ALREADY! I am DONE with this negative stuff, so here is my attempt to change that! (By the way, everything was fine at work today, no problems!)

Last night Donnie decided to run out and get a $5 pizza for dinner. He left our house prior to my arrival home from work. As I was on my way home he passed me. I immediately thought, "WHY IS HE GOING THIS WAY? IT'LL TAKE SO MUCH LONGER."

Instead of just dropping it I grabbed my cell phone and called him to find out why he was going that way. After a 4 minute "discussion" about why he should have gone a different way I told him I would prove I could make it there before he could.

So the game was on! I went MY way and he went HIS way and unfortunately I lost. However, I am convinced that if we left at the same time from the same location I totally would have WON!

Ah, just a friendly competitive race and "discussion." It's what keeps a marriage alive and fun! :-)


Qtpies7 said...

You could have proven it on the way home from the pizza place, right?
I found I am usually wrong about that, though. Ticks me off, but he usually is right.

Rebecca said...

totally shawn and i in that one! we do that stuff all the time :-)