Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 2 -- Disaster!

My first clue this morning that today was going to be trouble was when I asked Jake while he ws eating breakfast if he was excited about going to Ms. Esther's House. He responded with, "No Eter Ouse" (or Jacob for No Esther House).

Donnie took him this morning and he said it was horrible. Jacob screamed, cried, kicked, hit, and threw an absolute temper tantrum that only a near 2 year old could. When I picked him up, nine hours later, he was doing the same, face red, mouth open, screaming, and huge tears coming down.

I guess he thought he was only staying at "Eter Ouse" for one day, not every day for 6 weeks. Bless his heart! And Esther's too!

I just hope tomorrow will have improvement. I told him several times tonight that he was going to Esther's House tomorrow and on at least 2 occasions he said, "No." Very matter-of-factly.

*Sigh* What's a working mom to do?


Jessica said...

I just heard James Dobson talk about this on the radio the other day. He said it is important to go ahead and leave the child because this shows them that you are in control and that crying and tantrums will not control you. It is so hard to leave them when you know it is killing them inside, though! But, be strong!!!! No child has ever died from a tantrum from being left with the sitter : )
Eventually, he will be excited to go. Hope the day is better tomorrow!

LizzyBee said...

I read somewhere that you shouldn't linger when you drop them off either. Just kiss them goodbye, and wish them a good day.

I definitely know it's hard to drop them off when they are screaming, but sometimes it's the best to just get out of there!

So was he okay during the day??

Janelle said...

I've cried myself to work on days like that, but it gets better! Stick with it, he'll do okay, it's an adjustment for him that'll take a little time. And he wants to see if crying gets him out of going so he can do what he's used to and comfortable with.
Hang in there-both of you, and Jacob too!