Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 31

The 3rd trimester is definitely here and I can feel it. This week I have experienced heartburn (so glad it has waited this long! It was horrible with Hoss.), fatigue (or more like a complete lack of energy), and aches and pains (mostly when I'm attempting to sleep which may explain some of the fatigue).

Oh, and I'm HOT all the time! Yesterday morning the temperature was 28 degrees when I left the house. I grabbed a sweater on my way out the door and actually thought -- this isn't that cold. I stopped and got a hot chocolate at the convenience store on my way to work (all sizes are 99 cents on Mondays!). As I drank that hot chocolate I just got hotter and hotter -- I almost started sweating! So glad it is cooler outside, otherwise I'd be a miserable mess right now!

I am starting to believe my doctor about the "big baby" diagnosis. This boy is growing like a weed, thus my belly is growing just the same. Again, this may be the cause for the above troubles. I'm anxiously anticipating my ultrasound next Monday which will determine just how big this kiddo is and help us to determine the birth plan. That c-section is starting to look more appealing.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say...I love you Jess...Hang in there, not too much longer and you can hold that lil bundle of joy! Reading your blog, I am reminded of my pregnancy with #2. she was a lil spit fire in side my belly, and has become a sweet lil spit fire I enjoy kisses from each day. Have a good week!!!!

Janelle said...

Hoping you can still have your VBAC, but praying it goes well no matter which way it goes!