Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 27

This week has been a productive one. We have the crib together and I have organized some of the baby items. It is odd that my home is starting to look like a baby is living there. I haven't seen baby things around my home in a long time. It's exciting and also a little scary. This is really happening, in 12 1/2 weeks or less (hopefully not more!).

Hoss is starting to recognize the changes around the house too. We have had a discussion about the crib being for his baby brother, not for him, although I still half expect to find him in it one day. Hoss will be getting new bunk beds in a week or so courtesy of his Gigi and Grandpa. Hopefully this will dissuade his desire to scale the crib.

Although, sharing his closet with baby brother's stuff is sparking some concern. The other day Hoss came downstairs dressed in a pair of 3-6 month shorts. I'm not sure how he actually managed to get them on his body, but he looked as if he was wearing a pair of speedos. Hoss is used to everything kid related in our home being only his. I think he's in for a rude awakening.

On another note, the pregnancy clumsiness set in this week. My ankle rolled on Monday and caused me to fall to my knee. I was holding Hoss's hand and pulled him down with me, but we were otherwise fine. I barely scraped my knee and felt there was no reason for concern. Plus baby is as active as ever. Let's hope this is the last fall I experience with this one. I don't need the scary falls I had with Hoss.

We have finalized a name. I think. Ok, so it is final. A few compromises were made, but it is good. Hoss is aware of his baby brother's name and is happy with it. I'll announce his name here when he is born.

Friday I go for the one hour glucose test. I'm hoping to pass with flying colors. I'm trying to get through this pregnancy with as little drama as possible!


Janelle said...

Sounds like things are rolling right along!

Can't wait to hear the name!

stalker sarah said...

Can't wait to hear the name! Glad all is going well! I hope you got a photo of the 3-6 month shorts on Hoss! That is too cute! And glad you are okay after the fall. I was the same way when pregnant with Blake! It's getting close!! How exciting! :)