Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 12

I'm not sure why I worry so much. I mentioned yesterday that I was worried about my ultrasound today. I never remember being so nervous going to the OB when I was pregnant with Hoss as I do with this baby.

I'm assuming this worry is because I am older and much more aware of the possible dangers that can occur while pregnant. I literally hold my breath until I see or hear the heartbeat with this baby. Luckily, I have heard and seen it every time. Including today.

Here are the first pictures of Baby Frye.

This baby is a bit stubborn. It was lying on its side and refused to move. They wanted to get a picture of the back of the baby and get more measurement, but no matter how much I coughed, moved or we pushed around the baby, it refused to flip over. It waved at us, as if it was playing games with us (and obviously winning), but never cooperated. I will definitely be drinking caffeine before the next ultrasound at 20 weeks when I hope to find out if this baby is a he or a she.

I'm pretty confident it is a she. The heart rate was 167, indicating it might be a girl, even my OB said so. The ultrasound tech (who was also the tech for Hoss) noted that the stubbornness of this baby could indicate it's a girl.

We will find out at the beginning of September. For now I am just waiting until the next appointment on August 6th. We are moving into the 2nd trimester and it is so very exciting!


Janelle said...

Glad it was a fun ultrasound and the baby is doing well.

I was more uptight about some things the more babies I had, so I understand the worries! I think you know how much you're going to love them....

Anonymous said...

well, I call GIRL!!!!!
if I am wrong, it will be ok, but I still think GIRL!