Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School, week one

Hoss has been going to school for about a week now. He seems to enjoy it. He sometimes whines in the morning when I drop him off, but I don’t think he is all out crying. At least, the teachers are not reporting that to me. He doesn’t talk much about school. I have to drag it out of him. From what I can gather, by harassing the poor kid, I have figured out that they read “Humpty Dumpty” on Monday and they are learning their days of the week. Tuesday he told me that “Monday and Tuesday are da days of da week.” He said it in a sing song voice so I assume they are singing a song teaching the days of the week. If not, then Hoss has developed a song about Monday and Tuesday. He looked at me like I was losing my mind when I asked him about Wednesday. Oops, I guess I ruined today’s lesson for him.

He started riding the bus Monday. So far, so good. Unfortunately he has to be dropped off at a bus stop down the street from my in-laws so they are walking a little ways in the cool weather. I may be taking up quite a battle with the bus garage over that one soon. It may get messy.

The only thing that slightly concerns me is Hoss’ nervousness level. He is an extremely sensitive child. I was very sensitive and nervous about new situations and my husband was the same, so put both together and poor Hoss is a mess. The first two days he chewed on his thumb, which is a new thing that I had never seen him do before. He is not doing that now, at least not on the way to school or after school. However, he is peeing ridiculous amounts while at school.

Hoss is still not potty trained, much to my chagrin. I have started an informal schedule of sitting on the potty at home this week and Hoss has had one success so far. He is receptive to sitting on the potty and gets really excited when I ask him. He said to me last night, “wanna fwush it?” indicating that he wanted to flush the toilet. Of course I let him and he doesn’t budge until the last drop of water swirls out. Then he has to wash his hands, which he also loves because he gets to splash in the water. My nephew told on him yesterday and said that he likes to play in the potty at Grandma’s house. Interesting.

Anyway, my point is that Monday and Tuesday he soaked his clothes at school. He wears a pull-up and they changed him at least twice Monday and he still soaked. Tuesday he wet walking back to Grandma’s house from the bus stop and soaked his pants. I’m not sure if his nerves are causing all the extra peeing or if it is something else. I give him a cup of milk before we leave for school each morning and he drinks another at school, but that really isn’t much more than usual for him.

Today he had no accidents so maybe it’s just a new process for all of us to get used to. He gets to sit on the potty at school as well, so maybe that is helping.

Whatever the case, if peeing is the only concern, I think we can handle it.


Natalie said...

That is good that he is excited about sitting on the potty! He is on his way!

Guinevere Meadow said...

It's so hard to send your kiddo off to school!! Mine had a rough time the first couple of weeks. It took him a month before we could drop him off WITHOUT any tears!