Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Day of School

Today Hoss had his first day of school. He began attending Early Start through the local school system. Hoss' school is a middle school. Apparently when they built the school they added on a wing for Early Start classes.

Hoss and I visited his class and met his teacher on Friday. His class only has 11 kids, mostly boys with only two girls. Hoss enjoyed his few minutes playing on Friday and was rather mad that I made him leave.

The drawback is that his school is from 7a.m.-10a.m. I will take him each morning and he will ride he bus to my mother-in-law's. A three year old, on a school bus, a mother's nightmare. He will wear a harness which attaches to the seat though, so I that calms my nerves...slightly. The fact that he is he first stop and his bus stop is within 3 miles from the school helps another little bit.

This morning at 6a.m. I woke Hoss up. Um, he's not a morning person. Neither am I. This will be an adjustment for both of us. Hoss woke up relatively well, but refused to eat breakfast. I think he was nervous. He started chewing his thumb as soon as he got up and seldom stopped. I have never seen him do this, but it appears to be a new nervous habit. Oh my heart. My poor baby.

I had planned to walk him in to school for his first day. But, despite the attempts not to shed tears before I got there I failed miserably. So, I decided I was not going to be able to handle walking him in to school. Thankfully they have a pull up drop off. I had sucked up the tears at this point and helped Hoss get out of the car and away he went with one of the teachers. He kept reaching for my hand and finally realized I wasn't coming with him. I got in my car as I heard and saw him turn toward me saying, "Mommy? Mommy?"

Oh I cried. All the way to work. It is a really good thing it was 7a.m. and there was little traffic and no one else at work.

I'm better now. Hoss had a great day. He dumped his milk on himself during breakfast, but seemed to do well, according to the note we got. My husband picked him up today (some people don't work on days called Columbus Day, it's just not fair) and I plan to pick him up tomorrow. He only goes these two days this week because a short fall break starts Wednesday.

Next Monday Hoss starts riding the bus. That's the true test.

Of course I took a few pictures.

He would not put down the Incredibles figures. I pried them out of his hands at the school before I got him out of the car.

Walking to the car with his adorable backpack. Oh how I love him


Lizzybee said...

Congrats on the first day! Of course you cried-it is a requirement of the first day!

Jessie said...

WWWAaaaaaahhhh!!! I got a little choked up too. I dread that day. I am glad he enjoyed it. I've heard that they take it better than mommy.

Mrs. Who said...

We have had Early Start at my school for a long time. It is a WONDERFUL program for children. We have several kids who also ride the bus and the teachers and bus drivers will take very good care of your little guy, don't worry. The students that I have in Early Start do so much better in kindergarten, it is amazing. They really learn a lot from social skills to other basics. You will be so glad you did this!

Ang said...

I'm glad that I'm not alone on my feelings of the first day of school and the thought of my baby riding a school bus. From one momma heart to another, it does get better, I promise!

Natalie said...

Awww. He will love it! Daniel loves his daycare/preschool

Janelle said...

It's hard isn't it? They have to grow up I guess though.

Qtpies7 said...

Awwww! It is hard sending the first child off to school. (It's not so hard with the last few, lol)

I bet he'll love it, though.