Saturday, July 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday -- CVS self-control

I have been practicing some serious self-control lately by not buying every single deal at CVS. It’s been difficult, but I have been limiting myself to only what we actually need. It seems simple, but it hasn’t been.

Ok, so I only did this for this past week, but I plan to do it in the future as well so I am not buying things that we just don’t need.

This week I purchased the following items for $4.32 out of pocket.

(This is where I would insert a picture of my purchases, that is if I had the cord to my camera here at my parents' house. When I get home I will add it. Until then just imagine a picture of some Diet Mt. Dew, Diet Pepsi, deoderant and sunscreen. And a second picture of pantyliners and face wipes. On second thought, I might not post a picture at all.)

I did this in 2 separate purchases.

The first was the 4 Pepsi products which totaled $12.00. I used $10.99 in ECBs and paid $1.07 out of pocket. I earned $3 ECBs for this and my $10 for a survey I did for the CVS Advisory Board printed as well totaling $13 in ECBs.

I used these $13 in ECBs to purchase the Banana Boat sunscreen at $9.99 and the Right Guard Professional deodorant at $6.99.
This purchase totaled $16.98. I used the $13 in ECBs to make it $3.98 and I also used $1 Right Guard manufacturer coupon and a $1 Banana Boat coupon making my total before tax, $1.98 after tax I paid $2.22 out of pocket. I also earned $7 in ECBs for next week.

I could not fight the impulse to head back in on July 2nd to get a few monthly deals. I purchased 2 CVS pantyliners and one CVS facial wipes.
This purchase totaled $4.97. I used $2 CVS coupon off CVS brand skin product as well as $2 in ECBs. I paid $1.03 out of pocket and earned $4.97 in ECBs plus my $2 Spring quarter earnings.

You can’t beat getting paid to shop, and that is what happened this week! Check out Super Savings Saturday for more great deals. (I just realized that Super Savings Saturday is not being hosted this week, but I am going to keep this post up despite that. Check back next Saturday and see mroe great deals!)

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Fratzels said...

These are the posts that make me long for a CVS. There isn't one any where near me.