Friday, July 25, 2008

A Summer Treat

The Golden Arches have been good to me this summer.

Historically, anytime I have wanted a hot fudge sundae from the famous Mickey D's the ice cream machine has not been working.

It hasn't happened just once. Oh no! It has happened time and time again.

However, this summer I have had great success in acquiring my favorite ice cream snack. So far this summer the ice cream machine has worked at every Mickey D's I have gone to and ordered a delicious hot fudge sundae.

I also learned that for a mere 30 cents they will put extra hot fudge on the sundae.

Did you see that? EXTRA HOT FUDGE!

It's been a good summer. A very good one!


Guinevere Meadow said...

That always happens to me too, only it's the milkshake machine. I finally gave up on Mickey Ds and switched a Steak 'n Shake. I've never been unable to aquire a shake there!

I've started a new blog,

Ariel said...

I totally understand what you mean!! I love Mickey D's hot fudge sundaes!

Jennifer said...

Your tid-bit about the extra fudge is one of those facts I will never be able to get out of my mind.

Do you think they would be willing to add it after I am halfway done with the sundae though? That would help me stretch it out further.