Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Watch -- Week 38

So, last week I was worried about the sprained ankle. Yeah, so that was NOTHING (and has completely healed)! Because the next day I developed possibly the worst cold I have had in years. Hoss and Hubby had both been sick, but not horribly so and typically my body fights off those germs, but I guess my body is currently too busy growing a baby and not able to fight off cold germs.

All of that to say, I've been miserable during week 38. Thankfully my OB gave me a Z-pack yesterday and I think it may be helping the cold already. I am still having to blow my nose 75% of the day, but I am able to do so without coughing fits and headaches accompanying.

And let's just say, when you are 38 weeks pregnant coughing and sneezing does nothing for your already compromised bladder. Well, nothing other than cause the bladder to leak. UGH!

However, despite the illness I am beyond thrilled to say that this time next week I will be fasting and preparing to go to the hospital to have this baby. I can't believe the time is here. I'm very excited to see him and to hold him and to watch him develop his little personality. And, of course, I am nervous about if he will be healthy, how Hoss will handle the transition to Big Brother status, and how this little bundle of joy is going to change our day to day life and schedule.

The time is approaching quickly...and it's oh so exciting!

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