Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 24

Wow! 24 weeks! That means only 16 weeks (or less) left. I'm not sure I'm ready for this. So many changes are coming with this addition, but I know the little bundle will bring us so much joy!

Right now, this little bundle is loving to do somersaults in my belly. He is very active, much more active than his big brother was, as I can recall. I sit and try to remember my pregnancy with Hoss, 5 years ago, and I have trouble remembering all the details. I remember having a very big, pregnant belly and being very tired at the end of the pregnancy. Plus I remember swelling a lot.

Luckily, all swelling has subsided since last week. I think the heat and not drinking enough water were the culprits. I am trying to make sure I drink a lot of water and with the much cooler temperatures we are experiencing this week, I am not experiencing swelling. Let's hope I can keep this up for the next 16 weeks.

I have my next doctor's appointment this Friday. I expect it to be a simple, quick appointment; however, I anticipate I may have to do the glucose test. Hopefully I can pass it this time and not have to do the 3 hour test as I did with Hoss!


Jessie said...

I'm behind on following your pregnancy! I am glad that you seem to be doing well. :) I miss you and wish I could be going through this with you in person!

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