Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 23

Fortunately the pains I complained about last week have decreased. I typically only have pain now after I have been sitting for awhile (like at work, at my desk) and then get up to walk. It feels like Baby Boy must lie in a certain position and those muscles and bones hurt initially when I stand; however, I can typically "walk it off."

Occassionally I will also have pain at night still and I am still finding it difficult to sleep soundly. This might have to do with the Big Brother sharing the bed as well. That needs to end soon! Hopefully with the addition of his new bunk bed he is getting for his birthday it will!

A new pregnancy side effect I began experiencing over the past week or so is swelling. My ankles and lower legs swell the most. I have minimal swelling anywhere else and my BP was great when I checked it at the Wal-Mart machine this weekend. I feel fine otherwise, just retaining some fluid. I have drank 4 bottles of water so far today, but I am still holding fluid. I'm trying to stay away from salty foods as I notice more swelling after eating those things. I had horrible swelling and fluid retention with Hoss and I am not looking forward to repeating that this time.

I just realized the other day that I am not religiously checking my Pregnancy Week by Week book like I did with Hoss. I am probably about 3 to 4 weeks behind right now. I know with Hoss I would read it immediately the day I changed from one week to the next. Plus, I would check out all the websites that told me similar information.

I guess this is just a part of having a 2nd child, those things just don't seem to be so important this time. I've done this before and I (kinda) know what's going on. Plus, this baby boy is very active and likes to let me know he is there, so no worries with that. And he is growing a lot, making maternity clothing a desperate need -- another way this pregnancy is different.

With Hoss, I was so thrilled to get to wear maternity clothing, doing so far before I really needed to; however, with this kiddo, I am dreading it. Mostly due to the cost. I no longer have the clothing I wore with Hoss' pregnancy, plus it likely would have been too big. Luckily I have some clothing from pre-weight loss so I have been able to wear those items, but this belly is quickly outgrowing some of those. It will all work out, I only have 17 weeks left (or less)!

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