Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 18

Week 18 has been uneventful, thankfully! I have been busy with work and don't have time to deal with any pregnancy woes.

Baby is still moving around and I am feeling it more often during the day. This morning was Hoss's first day of Early Start (next year he'll head to Kindergarten, ACK!), and the baby was moving around all morning. I told Hoss it was because the baby was excited he was going back to school.

Speaking of Hoss, I have been trying to figure out the best way to prepare him for this baby. He will be 5 in October and has spent the last 5 years being spoiled and dotted on without having to share the spotlight with anyone. Plus, Hoss has some developmental delays that can lead to him being more anxious and nervous about changes. We have been talking about the baby for months and will be able to put a name to the baby by September (hopefully!) and I think that will make it seem more real to all of us.

I am looking for books or ideas on how to help Hoss see this baby is a good thing and won't be too jealous. I plan to buy a baby doll or use a toy Hoss already has and show him how we hold the baby and be gentle with it, but otherwise, I'm not sure what else to do.

I am also considering having a gift the baby will give to Hoss at the hospital. Any suggestions on a good gift? The baby will be coming soon after Christmas, so I am sure Hoss will have numerous new toys, but I want to give him something he will equally enjoy from the baby.

Hoss is quite a momma's boy as well and I know I won't be able to do as much for him when the baby comes as I do now. We are trying to start changing that gradually now as Daddy is doing more of the things Mommy used to, but I can see Hoss climbing all over me, wanting to sit in my lap after the baby is born.

Any suggestions from you experienced mothers on how to ease Hoss into the transition? I need all the advice I can get!


Janelle said...

Each child and baby is different so it's hard to say, but you are doing the right things now. I also made a point after the baby was born to have something special that I continued to do with the big brother, like read a bedtime story. Even if the baby was crying, I would stick with our plan and tell him that sometimes the baby has to wait, just like he has to wait. Made it feel more even-that they all have to share Mommy, not just the big brothers. And generally they are willing to share their special Mommy time with a "little" anyway, they just like to be asked and not pushed away.

stalker sarah said...

I'm sure it will come naturally for Jacob. He will love the baby so much that he hopefully won't be jealous at all! Blake was fine with Lola and he had PLENTY of years being spoiled rotten. Giving him a gift at the hospital is a great idea! You are so clever. You will prepare him enough, that I'm sure it will be okay! You're such a wonderful mommy! :)