Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Watch -- Week 17

I had my regular monthly check up last Friday. All was good, with a healthy heartbeat of 149 and then 153. I am scheduled for the big, exciting ultrasound on August 31st! Hopefully baby will cooperate and we will figure out if we will be parents of a girl or boy.

I have been feeling movement on a daily basis, which is marvelous! Typically I feel the movement in the evening when I am lying down or sitting very still. Occassionally I felt movement during the day, but it is only if I am still.

I have been very tired this week, which is odd. Aren't you supposed to regain energy in the 2nd trimester? I think the tiredness is related to having a sinus headache. ALL WEEK! The heat and humidity are bothering me as well. I just need a huge storm to come through and hopefully wipe away the sinus headache.

My hair and nails are growing very nicely. I typically never have fingernails as they break and don't grow well. I think I might take Folic Acid supplements for the rest of my life if the side effect is to have such pretty finger nails. :)

So, week 17 is going well. Counting down the days until August 31st!

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Janelle said...

Sounds like you are both doing well. Sinus issues while you are pregnant is not fun!

Is Hoss excited? Does he have a brother or sister preference?