Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perty by Thirty Week 55

Despite eating an entire bag of Mikesells Honey Barbeque Potato Chips (my favorite of ALL time!) this weekend I managed to lose 1 pound this week at my weigh in.

That brings me to a total lost of 101.4. This is the highest loss so far. Since I have been yo-yo-ing back and forth over the past 6 weeks, I am proud to finally be able to be at the highest number so far.

I have been working hard since the weigh-in Monday to stay on track this week, hoping I can fight off that bag of chips I ate! So far, so good. I was stress eating a LOT last week and we spoke all about that at the Weight Watchers meeting Monday night. It was as if the subject was designed just for me.

I am attempting to be more active. I completely fell off the exercise bandwagon around November. The cold temperatures have not encouraged me to get out and walk, as I was all summer, and I have just allowed myself to become lazy again.

A friend and I began doing Biggest Loser workouts to a DVD she has last week. The low intensity workout is KICKING MY BUTT! I thought I was "in shape." Apparently I was very wrong. This week I have also been using my Wii Fit a lot more in order to keep moving.

I plan to begin the Couch to 5K program on March 1st, with hopes that I can run (jog) in a 5K this summer. Until then, I need to keep moving. A local gym is running a special to get a free month long membership. I'm considering checking it out, but I just have to stick to my guns and make sure there is no fine print that will commit me to a long-term membership.

So, now I'm off to get moving and to keep cookies and chips out of my mouth! :)


Janelle said...

I know what you meant about it being cold and not being outside, it sure makes it harder! Stay focused-it will so be worth it when you hit your goal!

daynagonzalez said...

Hi Jessica! You don't know me, but I've read your blog a few times over the last year. I found you one day when you were doing some kind of giveaway, and I liked the title of your blog, so I put you on my blog roll. All of that to say, WHOA! All the weight you've lost is absolutely amazing! Even if you do not make your goal by July, keep going! You have chosen the hard way to lose the weight, but the rewards will last! I wish you much success in the rest of your weight loss!

Janelle said...

Any updates Jessica? How ya doing?