Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Perty by Thirty Weeks 52, 53, 54

Yes, I am still alive!

I have thought about blogging in the past three weeks, but obviously the words never left my brain and entered the blog page.

Week 52 I chose not to blog. I was very upset about my weight gain and I really was discouraged. It had been an entire year on this weight loss journey and I had gained 7.8 pounds over the previous 3 weeks (4.4 pounds gained on week 52). I was not anticipating such a huge gain and I believe my body has been playing tricks on me. Especially since I lost 8 pounds on Week 53.

Yes, I lost 8 pounds in one week. I am fairly certain I was bloated and constipated on Week 52 when I weighed in. Hey, I'm just trying to keep it real here. Obviously all of that was not 8 pounds worth, at least I don't think so. If it was then I probably have a different problem that needs addressing.

Either way, Week 53 motivated me to keep going. It motivated me and I thought I did well, but I gained .6 pound this past week. It wasn't much and I am going to blame female hormones and the fact that I was wearing heavy jeans that I typically would not have worn to weigh in, but I was off work and they were practically the only pair of pants I had clean (I later did my laundry, so no need to worry about me!).

I'm still motivated to keep going and to keep fighting this battle. I really just need to get over the hump of 105 pounds. I seem to be going back and forth for the past 6 weeks and I need to stop fluctuating and head full steam ahead. I only have 6 months left to lose the remaining 63 pounds in order to hit my Perty by Thirty goal (July 9, 2010). At this rate, that will not happen.

So, I have plans. I am going to attempt to do some type of exercise every day. Since I weigh in on Mondays, I began yesterday (Tuesday) when I "exercised" on the Wii Fit. It doesn't really feel like much exercise, but at least I am moving and not sitting on the couch eating peanut butter as I have been known to do recently.

I'm still pressing on. I still have goals and I know I will accomplish those goals. Hopefully I'll be thrilled to come back next week and post about how Week 55 was very successful!


Jessica said...

You should check and see if you have a crossfit ( and look for affiliates) gym in your area. We have been doing crossfit for about 9 months now and the results (not only for us but for many others in the gym) have been amazing! I have seen women go from zero activity and having major health issues, to being active and ready to run the half marathon in April! And, the weight loss aspect has been an awesome thing to watch, as well. Crossfit is sorta like p90x but there is a lot of variety and it's a quick workout. (i am in and out in 45 min or less and that includes stretching before and after my workout.

Just a little unsolicited advice. But you are doing an amazing job! It has been so fun to keep up with your progress!!

Janelle said...

I was beginning to wonder about you! The holidays are a rough time and I think you're learning how to manage your body through it.

I'm so excited for you to reach your goal in July-I KNOW you can do it, you just have to put in the work between now and then; just like me and "running" a half marathon-I can do it I just have to put in the work. I feel your pain-there are days I want to forget that I signed up for it!

You're doing great!

Glenn said...

Don't let it get you down!
I admit I am going back through your blog and reading.

Hey sometimes weight gain is gooooood.
If you are in a gym, it might be muscle that makes you gain weight.
As a guy, I am always happy if my muscle to fat ratio goes in favor of muscle, but I have yet to stat the journey I had, well frankly, when I got married. Not complaining, but I would love to get fit. Speaking solely for myself, it's about feeling good, not absolutely about the looks. But that is just me here, so keep on goin on and don't stop! and GJ btw all together for even loosing the weight!