Monday, April 26, 2010

Perty by Thirty Weeks 56-67

Has it really been almost 3 months since I last posted here? Man, time flies. Especially when you are falling off the weight loss bandwagon!

On January 28, 2010, the last time I posted here my weight loss total was 101.4. That was the last time I have seen the 100 pound mark.

Currently my weight loss total is 94.8 pounds (that is before tonight's weigh in where I hope to get a big loss).

So in the past 3 months I have spent time fluctuating up and down. So much so, it's embarassing. However, I began this journey publicly and I continue to do so publicly. Since I am using this blog as my weight loss journal, I'm going to post my 3 months of yo yo dieting weigh-ins.

Here goes!

2/1 -- +1.6 = 99.8
2/8 -- +.4 = 99.4
2/15 -- skipped weigh in (yikes!)
2/22 -- +8.2 (yes, it says EIGHT!!!) = 91.2
3/1 -- -1.2 = 92.4 (that 8 pounds scared me!)
3/8 -- -2.6 = 95
3/15 -- -1 = 96
3/22 -- skipped weigh in again, uh oh....
3/29 -- +5.2 = 90.8 (see what skipping a week does to me?)
4/5 -- -.2 = 91
4/12 -- -3.8 = 94.8
4/19 -- 0 = 94.8

The main lesson I have learned from the past 3 months is that I have to face facts. If I did bad one week, don't kid myself into thinking I should skip a Weight Watcher meeting and weigh-in. Because, as we can see above, this does not help me at all. EVER!

I have also learned that facing the facts can be beneficial and often inspiring to me.

I hope to be back tonight or tomorrow with a post about what a fabulous weight loss I had at the scale tonight. I really am hoping for a 5 pound response, especially since I did everything right. I exercised every day (except one) and never went outside of my daily point allowance.

And I feel good! Let's hope the scale thinks so too.

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Janelle said...

It's great to hear an update! Glad you are still trying and I'm hoping for a good weigh in for you tonight!