Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 44


I really had big hopes for this week's weigh-in. I followed my allotted points, wrote down all the food I ate, and exercised 3 days. All of that equaled a 1.2 pound weight loss.

Yes, it was a loss, but I really had big hopes for something larger. I'm 5.2 pounds away from hitting 100 pounds by Thanksgiving. I'm afraid I am not going to make that goal. I hate not hitting a goal I set for myself.

I'm still determined to try and I want to make the Thanksgiving goal, but if you saw what I ate today you'd think I was trying to gain 100 pounds by Thanksgiving. And, unfortunately my stomach is making sure I don't forget about the bad food I ate. I can't even explain the horrible stomach pains I have been experiencing this evening.

It was a lesson learned and for the next 6 days I am going to dedicate myself to losing and only think about losing. As long as that leftover Halloween candy someone brought in to work disappears before I get to work tomorrow. If not, I may be doomed. Chocolate is my downfall.

Perty by Thirty: 94.8 pounds
BlogapaLOSEa: 14.8 pounds


Janelle said...

I think you'll hit your goal by thanksgiving-you still have 2 weeks. I'm sending lots of energy your way so you can execise a lot this week :) (I got the extra energy from my boys so it's a never ending supply!!!)

zoies_mama said...

You can do it!!!! Lots of love sent to you today!

Natalie said...

Don't give up hope! You will make your goal by Thanksgiving. I believe in you!