Monday, November 2, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 43

Forty-three weeks. Wow! Only nine until I hit the one year mark. Today at our Weight Watchers' meeting we discussed our motivation to stay strong through the holidays. Our first step was to set a goal. Where do we want to be in nine weeks after the holidays.

What? Nine weeks? Seriously? Oh my word...these next nine weeks are going to be CRAZY!!! I have so much to do. And I set my goal high. Very high. Probably too high. I said I want to lose 16.4 pounds in these next nine weeks.

I'm not so sure it is do-able, but I'm going to do the best I can to make it do-able. I'm struggling to meet my Thanksgiving goal of hitting the 100 pound mark. After this week's loss of 1.6 pounds, I am at a total of 93.6 pounds lost. That means I need to lose 6.4 pounds in the next three weeks. I can do it and 4 months ago I would have shrugged it off, but now the weight is coming off slower. Much slower.

My plan for this week is to track my points very closely. And to walk at least 4 days. Last week I did neither, so if I can lose 1.6 pounds not doing so, let's hope I can lose at least 3 pounds doing it all.

I will try to remember to take a picture sometime this week. I've been awful about doing that. I definitely will take a picture as soon as I hit 100 pounds lost, but maybe I can get to it earlier than that.

Perty by Thirty total: 93.6
BlogapaLOSEa: 13.6


Janelle said...

Stay focused! You'll make it.

Natalie said...

You can do it!