Sunday, November 1, 2009

My new bathroom

Side note: Can you believe I'm blogging something other than my weight loss? Amazing, I know. I am hoping I can pretend like my weigh-in tomorrow won't be half as bad as I think it will be. Darn Halloween candy!

My home is boring. Very boring. Every wall is white and aside from thirty million pictures of my child, there are very few decorations. I have a lot of ideas, but little to no money to make it happen, so I just live with the second hand furniture and add a few items here or there a I can.

One thing that most people probably don't know is that I have a love for antiques and primitive design. Since my home has very little of this my love for these is not very evident. Luckily, I was inspired by a friend's bathroom recently. All it takes for me is a vision or idea and then I start running with it.

My inspiration came only a couple weeks before I went to a craft festival which often has numerous antiques and primitive items. Since I was still feeling inspired and I had a few dollars budgeted, I wandered around the craft fair on a cold, damp morning. I wasn't certain what I wanted specifically. I was hoping for items which would inspire my creativity.

I first fell in love with a primitive wooden american flag. It was at one of the first booths I stopped at. I loved the flag, but decided I wasn't ready to make a purchase yet so I continued on around the fair. As I continued I began to see more and more items which inspired me. After I found a couple stars I instantly decided I had to return and hope the flag was still available.

So I returned to the booth and there is was. I grabbed the flag and away I went, inspired. I found a few more items which I loved and I knew instantly I had all the decor needed for my bathroom.

The bathroom I wanted to "redo" is a small half bathroom off of our living room. When I say small, I mean really, really small. It has a toilet and a sink. That is it. I estimate the bathroom is 2 feet by 8 feet, literally just enough room to turn around. Everything in the bathroom was white. A white toilet, white sink, and white walls. The floors are a fake brown stick-on pretend wood.

I attempted to take before pictures of the room, but it was nearly impossible. I did get a nice shot of the toilet and another of the sink. It was the best I could do. Please note I did not clean the bathroom before I took the pictures. I'm sorry to embarass you with my lack of housekeeping skills, Mom.

I headed to Lowes Friday evening to get some paint. I knew I wanted a dark tan/brown type color. I narrowed it down to two different options and went with the one that had the better name, hot chocolate. Yep, I'm very scientific with my decision methods.

On my way home from Lowes I decided I wanted to immediately start painting as soon as I got home. And that is just what I did. I painted until the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. My painting skills definitely lack the skill part. I, unfortunately, got several streaks, probably should have done a second coat, and in hind sight should have contacted a professional.

Despite that, I think the final product turned out alright. I love all the items together. I actually went to the bathroom today and said aloud, "this is so cozy." Just what you want in a bathroom, coziness, right?

This is the shelf above the toilet. I hung it a bit too high, but it is on the wall and at this point that is what matters.

Here is the inspiration for the room design. Don't ya just heart it?

And this is my favorite purchase. I stumbled upon it as we were making one last look through before we left. It says "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalms 33:12."

A blue and red star hung above the light switch.

A look at the toilet and the decorations around the closet, er, I mean room.

My husband found my decorating a bit humorous. Apparently when we were dating I went on a bit of a tyraid about how I didn't like people decorating their homes in a patriotic theme. I don't remember this conversation, but apparently it just goes to show I am one to eat my words.

Hoss seems to like the room. We mentioned that the wall color was like chocolate and he went in and licked the wall. I guess he thought it was really chocolate. Now that would be a dream room! He now calls the bathroom "chocolate milk." Plus, we have been using the new decor as a teaching tool. We are working on the Pledge of Allegiance.

Who knew that some bathroom decorating could be so much fun. And educational!


zoies_mama said...

Jess ~
I love it!!!!! You did such a good job!!!!!!!!!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

that turned out so cute

Natalie said...

That looks really good! Can you come do mine now lol

Janelle said...

I love it! I'm working on some stuff around our house because I'm tired of the white too! I never budget for that kind of stuff but have decided to put a little back each month so I can start doing those things that make our house feel "cozy" too. It makes such a difference!!