Monday, October 5, 2009

Perty by Thirty Weeks 38 and 39

Oops, I never got around to blogging last week. Probably because I didn't want to admit that I had gained 2 pounds! I was very disappointed in myself as I had been doing so well, but over the past few weeks I have been slacking off. Darn it, those Oreos tasted SOOOOOO good. But, not good enough to make it okay that I gained 2 pounds.

So, luckily, I took charge this past week and lost those two pounds, plus some, to the tune of a total of 3.2 pounds this week. I was THRILLED! And honestly a little shocked, especially since I wasn't great over the weekend.

The past week has showed me how absolutely necessary it is for me to have a friend along for the ride with me on this journey. I joined Weight Watchers after seeing a friend's progress she was having. This friend has been my lifeline at times to keep me on track.

We decided we need to have goals to celebrate our milestones. We are currently planning to have pedicures together when the first person hits 100 pounds. I am currently only 12.2 pounds away. Hopefully by Thanksgiving that pedicure will happen. Too bad it won't be sandal weather.

We are also planning to take a long weekend trip to the beach next summer to celebrate both of us reaching our goals. We are certain we will both be to our goals by next summer and are looking forward to celebrating together.

If it wasn't for having someone to hold me accountable on a day to day basis, I may not be as far along on my journey as I am now.

For the BlogapaLOSEa challenge I am supposed to post a picture each week. Well, I don't have one right now. If I waited to take one and get it posted I would probably be waiting for awhile. I'll try to take one this week and get it added soon.

Perty by Thirty: 87.8
BlogapaLOSEa: 7.8


Anonymous said...

you could always just take flip flops to the office to show off them toes! You are doing such a good job.
Love you friend,

Janelle said...

Setting small goals is how I get through life, makes sense it would work for losing weight too.

Keep up the good work!