Monday, September 21, 2009

Perty by Thirty Week 37

Thankfully I turned the negative last week into a positive this week as I lost 3.6 pounds! Yay! Only 13.4 pounds until I hit 100lbs!!!!!!

This weekend I decided to clean out my closet. I removed the items that are too big and boy, were there a lot. I have an entire 30 gallon tote full and I haven't been able to fasten the lid yet. Now I just have to hit the lottery and go shopping for new clothes, in another size smaller! I'm now down 10 numbers! Yippee! That is all the motivation I need.

I have not been exercising much recently, but I am signed up to walk in a 5K this weekend, so I will definitely get my exercise in on Saturday.

And as for my weekly BlogapaLOSEa info, I actually took a picture this week. Then I realized it was in the same clothing I wore in my last picture 2 weeks ago. Only this week I made my husband stand up when he took the pictures so I don't look like a giant and I didn't pull on my pants and make them look like parachute pants.

So here it is.

Total losses:
Perty by Thirty -- 86.6
BlogapaLOSEa -- 6.6


Piper Paradise said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! p.s. picture isn't working.

LisaUnfiltered said...

yay for you! Congratulations. Your picture hates me and won't let me see. Oh well. I'm sure you're gorgeous!

Janelle said...

Good luck on your 5k this weekend. I have one 2 weeks from Saturday that I'm trying to get ready for too :)

Natalie said...

Woohoo! Great job! I can't see the pic either. must be something with blogger