Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Perty by Thirty -- Week 19

Well, it was the 4 week mark. That being said, I gained weight. But it was only .8 pound. Not too bad.

I do have to admit I was disappointed. Yes, I anticipate a weight gain every four weeks. It's the pleasure of being a woman. However, I really wanted to do well this week just to prove it wrong. Plus, I gained a huge 4.8 pounds two weeks ago which has nothing to do with hormones, but my desire to eat lots of food that was really bad for me.

I guess I can't complain too much. I have lost 46.4 pounds in 19 weeks. Not too shabby. I just hope I can hit that 50 pound loss soon. I've been flirting with it for 4 weeks now and I can see it taunting me. I just hope this holiday weekend doesn't ruin me.

I don't have a WW meeting next Monday night so I probably won't post my weight loss because I won't know what it is. However, I am going to try to attend a meeting later in the week, so I'll keep you all updated.


Bobbi said...

Stick with it - I know you can do it!!

Janelle said...

The joys of being a woman! I think such a small increase this time around shows huge progress. And overall, you've done wonderful. Stay strong this weekend and if you have to munch, munch on veggies!

shannonpiro said...

Keep up the good work, stay positive and you'll be fine!! Yes, being a woman is oh so joyful...and so much work!