Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He can sleep anywhere

My child has odd sleeping patterns. He likes to try to stay up late, play and throw toys all over his bedroom, then scream and fight every morning when he has to wake up.

It's a joy.

He's just like his Momma!

He is lucky too, his Momma has lots of patience in the mornings after her shower.

Since Hoss refuses to stay in his bedroom during the beginning of his night time routine, we use a baby gate in the hallway to prevent him exiting his bedroom.

One day last week I went upstairs to go to bed (way too late), and found Hoss sleeping in the hallway against the baby gate with his pillows and blanket.

And another view.

I love that he is laying face down in the pillows. I don't know why I think that's cute. After all, he could suffocate like that. Well, at the time, I thought it was cute.

Being the mother of the year that I am, I left him there. He was sound asleep. I didn't want to disturb him. And I have woke him before in such a sleep and I am well aware that this is a horrible, horrible thing to do. I wasn't risking it.

The next morning when I went into his bedroom to wake him (which is my least favorite part of my day), he had moved and was in an equally amusing position.

I like how the books are flanking either side of him. He looks like an airplane.

Or maybe I'm delirious in the mornings.


Bobbi said...

That brings back so many memories! All 3 of my girls had some similar sleeping habits - I used to find them asleep in the strangest positions!

jfrogster said...

Love the pics! My son David can and does fall asleep in the strangest places and strangest positions!

Ang said...

you? a night owl? since when? ha ha! Hope that you're doing well, and that Christmas break will be here quick, and you'll get a break from the morning fun for a few days? (hopefully it won't be so early when hoss has to rise and shine)

Natalie said...

LOL that is too cute!

Rebecca T said...

Jess you are hilarious...He does sleep like you...all over the place. Love the airplane!

Janelle said...

I love that you got the pictures! I forget to do that!