Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Card Nightmare

Oh, the joy of taking Christmas card pictures. Wednesday evening I realized that it was the TENTH OF DECEMBER! and I have not even thought about sending out Christmas cards, let alone, take pictures of the kiddo for them. I purchased several boxes of insert-your-own-picture Christmas cards last year at after Christmas sales. I was determined to get a good one for this year, but Hoss wasn't having it.

I grabbed my digital camera and discovered that the battery was DEAD! I had already changed Hoss into the Christmas picture outfit AND bathed him. I decided to try our camcorder's picture setting and, well, it wasn't good. It doesn't have a flash so an indoor picture in a house with not much lighting just didn't work out.

Hoss was also not too cooperative so I decided we'd have to try again Thursday evening. Thursday evening I change Hoss into the Christmas picture outfit again and started over.

Hoss was done with the pictures before we started. He had no desire to take pictures at all. He was mad, so our pictures looked something like this:

Then, the pictures turned into this which Donnie has named, "I like dem french fried taters" (name that movie!):

We took a break to play with toys.

Then we resumed. But Hoss was much more interested in the Christmas tree than looking at the camera and smiling.

Finally, after 50 pictures, lots of tears, and nearly an hour of picture taking, we got a winner.

I am so glad that this only comes once a year. I couldn't handle much more.


Natalie said...

LMFAO!!!!! I feel like such a bad mom/wife. I am NOT doing Christmas pictures this year. I want too but do not have the time and/or patience. And it is the what the 12th of Dec? Maybe next year.....At least I have the cards with Lighting McQueen I bought last year I can send out to all the friends in AL

Anonymous said...

I like #4. I think it is the best ever! Grandparents love when they can't see a grandchilds face! I have yet to do C/mas cards this yr. They always go out late anyway. You may get mid FEB. I do have the pic I want just not got around to it????
Janel B.

Bobbi said...

LOL - too funny! Uh, you know - that 2nd to last photo actually looks like he might be "watering" the tree, not looking at it (hehehehe)!!!!

Janelle said...

I hear ya! I could have written this post!

Fratzels said...

Ohhhhh! I love the winner, but the one with his backed turned to the camera had me in stitches. Becuase I have one close in age to him it makes me think he's peeing on the tree. So funny!!!