Monday, April 6, 2009

Perty by Thirty, Week 13

It was a good week in the world of weight loss. I lost 3.4 pounds, bringing my total 13 week weight loss to 36.8 pounds. Not too shabby!

It has not been a good week in the world of potty training. Actually, it has not been a good night in the world of potty training. I am so angry I can barely even think. I knew Hoss had to do #2 and I made him sit on the potty twice to attempt to do so. He refused. He screamed, cried and threw a temper tantrum only a three year old can throw.

I gave him a lecture about going to the potty. We PRAYED about going poo in the potty during bedtime prayers. And then I threatened him (I need to pray about that).

Five minutes later I am cleaning up the worst case of explosive poo possibly ever. I'm running bath water and taking a time out breather so I don't end up in jail.

I'm angry. I have never been this angry at my child. I'm on the verge of tears I'm so angry.

I'm mostly angry because I know he knows better. He knows where to poo. He knows how to do it, he's done it twice. He just.won'

So, I resorted to drastic measures. Every toy in our home is currently put away. Every movie, book, wrestling figure, superhero, stuffed animal, and car is out of sight. I even lifted the filled to the brim toy box and put it in the closet. I am considering calling the Easter bunny and telling him not to show up at our house this Sunday.

I'm done playing games. I'm done with the temper tantrums, screaming and yelling. The power struggles are over. If this child thinks he can win a power struggle in this house, he's clearly mistaken.

Maybe I sound harsh. And maybe I am over the top, but at this moment in time, this is the best I can be. When you throw away toys and movies because cleaning them would be pointless and the bedroom carpet is ruined, drastic measures are all you have. That and prayers.

Lots and lots of prayers.


aaensons said...

i am sorry about your day, it is no fun and it sucks when they paint their bedroom and crib and them selves in. Yours sounds worse though and i am truly sorry

Meg said...

Hi. I randomly found your blog. Its so cute! Sorry you are going through so much potty training trouble. My son will be 2 next week and he isn't ready for it yet.

I'm curious to see if your method works out! That must be hard to do!

Jessica said...

Don't let Satan steal your joy! PT'ing is so frustrating! I have to say, I am having the same issues with Claire and she WILL NOT poo in the potty, so I am just acting like it doesn't bother me and we're back in diapers for a little while longer. I just was getting too frustrated and decided it wasn't worth it b/c she was winning by upsetting me. (I mean... REALLY upsetting me!) So, I will be praying for you this week!

Janelle said...

Oh Jessica! I'm sorry this has been so hard for you!

I will say I totally agree with your approach. When it comes to him being physically and mentally able, but is holding out to have control, you have to win the power struggle so you maintain that control.

I'm wondering if there is something else in his life you could give him control over? So he still feels the control? Like what to wear (give him 2 approved outfits and let him pick, that kind of thing)? Just a thought.

Great job on the weight loss, you are doing absolutely amazing. Seriously!

Natalie said...

Great job on the weight loss! I think you are doing the right thing with Hoss. And even if you lose your temper or they make you feel like screaming you are still a wonderful mother. It happens. BELIEVE me. Sometimes Daniel does things he knows he is NOT supposed to do and he does it REPEATEDLY and I want to scream/runaway/crawl in a hole and let someone else deal with it.

hls1209 said...

This may sound silly, but one of the pediatricians I used to work for used to recommend putting the poop in the potty, after changing, so that the child makes the connection that poop, like pee, goes in the potty. My daughter, who is almost 4, has been potty trained for over a year, and I never had the #2 issue with her as far as training goes. Even as a baby, I would put the poo in the potty to eliminate such a stinky mess for the garbagemen. :)

Jessica - have you tried talking to his pediatrician to make sure it isn't a dietary issue (constipation, etc)? Even if not, maybe they could offer some other suggestions or support.

I am sorry you are having these problems. I can only imagine how stressed you are.

Good job with the weight loss though.

heatherchapman said...

Bless your heart, Jessica. You deserve ice cream and a vacation. Potty training is no fun, especially with a 3-year-old who doesn't want to go. My kiddo was mostly pretty good about potty training, but there was a time when he didn't want to poop in the potty (he was about 2 1/2). One time I got so fed up that I made him wash out his own underwear. He got so green around the gills doing that, he never, ever pooped in his underwear again. Hang in there--you know your kid, and you know how to push his buttons. ;)