Thursday, April 9, 2009

Forced creativity

I wish I could tell you the potty training was getting better, but I can't. We had another large accident last night. However, I'm trying to find some positive in this. Okay, really, if I don't find some positive in this I will loose my mind.

Since all the toys in our house are under lockdown, Hoss has had to use his imagination more than usual to play. He has also been extremely social with us, more so than usual. I think we may never return all the toys to his possession. I like the changes in him.

His favorite new "toys" are Mommy and Daddy's shoes. Here he is the other night in one of my tennis shoes and a dress shoe.

On this night he was walking around the living room saying, "I am a robot" in a very robot-like voice. I hope I can remember the sound of him saying that for the rest of my life. He was adorable.

He also found one of Daddy's ties tonight and was enjoying wearing this and Mommy's shoes again.

He would not pose for the camera. Something was always more important to look at.

So, even though we have not made any steps toward full potty training, we have learned that toys are over rated!


Natalie said...

That is funny. Daniel walks around saying I am a robot in a robot voice too. I love his shoes.

Janelle said...

Well, at least enjoy these changes with Hoss! Potty training will eventually come-I know that's not what you want to hear though!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh yes, Mommy and Daddy's clothes are VERY interesting. I have a straw garden hat that Kiddo often finds. He thinks it's a cowboy hat. (Why, I have no idea. It's a very feminine-looking hat with a ribbon on it.) He'll put it on and scowl, and say "I'm a COWBOY!" I'm also trying to 'record' the sound of that in my memory!