Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He had other plans

Yesterday I mentioned that Hoss and I attended my sister's college graduation last Saturday. Let me tell ya, this was not what Hoss had planned for the day.

I came prepared. My purse was overflowing with all the necessary items needed for appropriate two year old entertainment.

There were all the favorite superheros, a book, juice and a snack. What else do you need? Apparently for my kiddo you need a large field to run in and a Grandpa to chase you.

Thankfully the graduation ceremony was held outdoors and there was room where Hoss could run around and not disturb others (which he was doing sitting in the seats with us). Thanks for Grandpa, Mommy did not have to do much chasing. But even though he was able to run around, Hoss was still very ready to go home when the ceremony was over.

He did have lots of toys to get back to. Other kids' toys are always the best!

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