Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucas!

Dear Lucas,

The candle  on your cake will be the number 3 today. You have been reminding me daily that you will blow out a 3 candle on your "birfday." Last night as we discussed your birthday candle you said, "And I make a wish. I will wish for a doggie!"

Oh the current doggie obsession you have! Everything you talk about has to do with dogs. You have numerous toy dogs: stuffed, small figures, books about dogs, doggie puzzles and the list goes on and on. Your favorite TV show is "Paw Patrol." After all, it is about dogs "saving the day" as you like to say. If someone needs help, you will often be heard saying, "It's ok! I will save the day!"

You have brought new life to our family. You are excited by each new thing you see. You live life with contagious amounts of joy. Christmas was thrilling for you as each aspect was being newly discovered. The Christmas lights on houses, each ornament on the tree, picking out your new ornament, learning Christmas songs, making list for Santa and learning that Jesus was born to "save us." You loved it all.

Your addition to our family has been such a blessing. You bring so much joy to our house. Nothing slips by you. You know exactly what everyone is doing and spend a large amount of your time trying to become involved as well. You love spending time following Jacob,  recently the two of you began playing tag and interactin more. It warms this Mommy's heart.

The innocence and purity of your conversations are refreshing. Last night you insisted on helping me make the bed. As you tried to lift blankets to the bed you said, "I can do it! I am a strong boy." Of course you succeeded. You then cheered for me once the bed was fully made saying, "Mommy, you did it! You are so strong, mommy!"

Not only are you our cheerleader, you are our love bug as well. You give the best hugs, wrapping your arms fully around the person's neck and hugging tightly! When you are sleepy you  like to cuddle,  saying  "hold me, Mommy!" You always make sure to tell others that you love them. You even have a "girlfriend" at daycare who you hold hands with any opportunity you find.

I pray daily that you continue to love life to the fullest. I pray you will always hold such a joyous  attitude about life, that you will see the positive in every situation. I pray you will bring the happiness to others that you have brought to us.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Baby!

We love you!

Mommy, Daddy and Jacob

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